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Professor Graeme Samuel AC would like to thank all those who have provided a submission to the Discussion Paper and the Interim Report.

More than 3,000 unique submissions have been received, as well as around 26,000 largely identical contributions on the Discussion Paper, and around 840 submissions on the Interim Report. Each submission must now be reviewed prior to publication.

Given the high number of submissions, the Review Secretariat will publish submissions using a phased approach. The first phase of submissions to be published focuses on those received from stakeholders who have met with Professor Samuel through the course of the review. Phased publication of all other submissions will continue and queries received relating to the timing of individual submission publication will not receive a response.

Not all submissions received by the review will be published. As outlined in our submission guideline, contributions that have been marked confidential and those that raise legal (e.g. privacy, defamation) or other concerns will not be published. Views presented are the responsibility of the author of the submission.

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