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10.1 - Phase 1—fix long-known issues and set the foundations

The initial phase of reform should fix long-known issues with the EPBC Act within its current construct and set the base for key reform foundations that can be built on and improved over time. The 5 areas of focus for phase 1 reforms are:

  • Reduce points of clear duplication, inconsistencies, gaps and conflicts in the Act.
  • Issue Interim National Environmental Standards to set clear national environmental outcomes against which decisions are made.
  • Improve the durability of devolved decision-making, to deliver efficiencies in development assessments and approvals, where other regulators can demonstrate they can meet Interim National Environmental Standards.
  • Implement early steps and key foundations to improve trust and transparency in the Act, including publishing all decision materials related to approval decisions.
  • Legislate a complete set of monitoring, compliance, enforcement and assurance tools across the Act.