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Prototype Standard - World and National Heritage

Matter-specific - World and National Heritage

Appendix 1 - Prototype National Environmental Standard for matters of national environmental significance (MNES). This section provides a prototype standard for World and National Heritage.  This should be read in conjunction with the overarching standards for MNES and the existing requirements of the EPBC Act.

World Heritage areas are places of outstanding universal value that are recognised by the global community. They represent the best examples of the world’s cultural and natural heritage.

National Heritage areas comprise natural and cultural places of outstanding heritage value to Australia. National Heritage places also support Australia’s commitments under the Convention on Biological Diversity.



Environmental Outcome

The outstanding values of World Heritage propertiesa and National Heritage placesb are identified, protected, conserved, presented and transmitted to future generations.

National Standard

  1. No development incursion into a World or National Heritage areac, unless it promotes the management and values of the property or place.
  2. Actions must not cause or contribute to a detrimental change to the World or National Heritage values of a property or place.
  3. Management arrangements must ensure World and National Heritage values of a property or place are protected and conserved.

Further Information

Australian Heritage Database

General information about Australia’s listed heritage places

a Statements of Outstanding Universal Value are available for some of Australia’s 19 World Heritage properties.

b The National Heritage values of National Heritage places are identified in the National Heritage listing information and published on the Australian Heritage Database.

c Defined as the boundary of the World Heritage property or the National Heritage place. To the extent that the boundaries may overlap, whichever is larger.