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Prototype Standard - Protection of the Environment from Nuclear Actions

Matter-specific - Protection of the Environment from Nuclear Actions

Appendix 1: Prototype National Environmental Standard for matters of national environmental significance (MNES). This section provides a prototype standard for the Protection of the Environment from Nuclear Actions. This should be read in conjunction with the overarching standards for MNES and the existing requirements of the EPBC Act.

Australian Government is committed to maintaining high levels of radiation protection, and of nuclear safety and security in Australia and around the world. Nuclear actions are defined under section 22 of the EPBC Act.



Environmental Outcome

Nuclear actions (including uranium mining and radioactive waste management) are undertaken in a manner that protects the community and the environment.

National Standard

  1. Actions, including mitigation and management measures must be consistent with the codes for nuclear activities developed by ARPANSAa.

Further Information

ARPANSA Regulatory Publications, including nuclear safety fundamentals, codes and standards

a Or state or territory frameworks where they have been assessed as compliant with the ARPANSA codes.