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Recommendation 31

The Commonwealth should initiate immediate improvements to the environmental information system by:

  1. adopting a National Environmental Standard for data and information to set clear requirements for providing best available evidence, including requiring anyone with environmental information of material benefit to provide it to the environmental information supply chain
  2. appointing an interim supply chain Custodian to oversee the improvements to information and data
  3. designating a set of national environment information assets to ensure essential information streams are available and maintained to underpin the implementation and continual improvement of the National Environmental Standards for MNES
  4. expanding the application of existing work with jurisdictions on the digital transformation of environmental assessments and ensuring it is aligned with implementation of the national environmental information supply chain
  5. commencing the overhaul of the Department’s information management systems to provide a modern interface for interactions on the EPBC Act and support better use and efficient transfer of information and knowledge.

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