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Over the next 12 months the review is keen to hear your views and insights on the EPBC Act, how it has operated, the challenges ahead it should address, and your ideas for the future. All Australians are invited to participate.

You can make a brief comment to the review at any time using the online comments form. At key points in the review there will be opportunities to make formal submissions. Upcoming opportunities to make a submission will be promoted on this website and through the mailing list.

The review will publish on its website each submission and comment received, except for those provided in confidence. Before making a comment or submission, please read the information on how your privacy will be protected and how the information that you provide will be treated. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's Privacy Policy contains information about how to access or correct your personal information or make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles.

Read the Discussion Paper

The discussion paper is the first step in consultation for the review.  

In addition to outlining the EPBC Act, what it does and where it came from, the paper is intended to be thought-provoking. It identifies some of the long-term pressures on Australia’s environment and known concerns with the operation of the legislation, especially with its regulatory processes.  

Potential areas of focus for the review are explored, and some possible options for reform floated. These are not settled views, rather a starting point to stimulate discussion. The aim is to explore a wide range of options and to develop sensible potential solutions that can be implemented. 

You are invited to read the discussion paper and respond to the ideas and questions by providing a formal submission.  

Making a brief comment

Brief comments are welcome at any time. Comments will not be treated as formal submissions, but they will be read and considered as part of the review.

Unless you indicate that your contribution is confidential, or the review considers that your contribution is offensive, potentially defamatory or includes irrelevant or personal information, your contribution will be published on the review website along with your name or organisation. Your comment may be referred to, or quoted from in review reports.

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