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Over the next 12 months the review is keen to hear your views and insights on the EPBC Act, how it has operated, the challenges ahead it should address, and your ideas for the future. All Australians are invited to participate.

At key points in the review there will be opportunities to make formal submissions. Upcoming opportunities to make a submission will be promoted on this website and through the mailing list.

The review will publish on its website each submission and comment received, except for those provided in confidence. Before making a comment or submission, please read the information on how your privacy will be protected and how the information that you provide will be treated. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's Privacy Policy contains information about how to access or correct your personal information or make a complaint about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles.

Read the Interim Report 

The Interim Report sets out Professor Samuel’s preliminary views on the EPBC Act and how it operates. This Interim Report is not an exposition of the all problems with the EPBC Act. Rather, it focuses on the fundamental problems of the legislation and proposes key reform directions needed to address these.

The Review would like to hear the views of stakeholders on the Interim Report and the key reform directions proposed. What has been missed? How could the proposed reform directions be improved? Are there fundamental shortcomings that would require a rethink? Your feedback will help Professor Samuel refine his views ahead of finalising the Review and recommendations, due to be provided to the Government by the end of October.

All interested parties are invited to read the Interim Report and provide feedback.

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